Dearest reader,

This book was written only for you. The words within are inspired by the untouchable love between author and reader – for we may never be known to each other but are forever connected with the words we have fleetingly shared together.

The white and black book, that you have somehow found, in your very own library, reading under the lights of your clerestory window is for you always. Thank you for reading its chapters and discovering this letter at the story’s end.

The book is written for your everyday – the difficult and the easy days, the exciting and dull days, the beautiful and ugly days, the forgotten days and the days that will always last in your memory. And when all seems black and white, always remember our world and our words are connected by an infinite, dazzling spectrum of indistinguishable colour.

May this book be your companion, even as it is inevitably stored away in a forgotten black and white box or perhaps returned back into a secret library, upon a dusty shelf, yearning to be found once more by another reader.

With love always,
The Black and White Author